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Welcome to Phillip Harrison.com !  Choosing to write is both the easiest and most difficult task that one can choose in the arts profession.  At least from my understanding.  When we write we are attempting to both convey and explain a story, and also to enrapture the reader within that story.  We want them to feel like they are a part of "what is happening".  By merely explaining the plot to a reader we fail to engage them within the vestments of our main character.  The reader can easily be lifted out of the story by some "stall" in the plot, or the boredom that comes, when the main character gets everything they ever wanted, and never stubs their toe.  Things don't go perfectly smooth in the real world, why on Earth (or some other world) would they go smoothly in a novel?  Each writer has a grave responsibility to keep the readers attention fixed firmly upon the storyline.  If your character isn't 1. In some form of danger, 2. Going through some great loss or change, 3. Experiencing a form of mental anguish, your reader will start wondering why they are reading your book instead of making dinner or watching TV.  You have to keep them interested, without making it too obvious.  The secret to this is to make sure that your main character is having a damn miserable time every now and agin, just when "anyone" might least expect it!

People love a good drama whether they admit it or not.  The only way for the reader to see your main character as someone that they can root for, is to put some stumbling blocks and left turns in front of them every so often.  By being there when the trouble started and eventually gets resolved, a bond between your main character and the reader becomes established, and thats who really draws the crowd; its your characters story, try not to get in the way, by helping them!

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