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Phillip is a Canadian writer of fantasy fiction and poetry. He was born in Montreal Canada, but moved out west as a young adult. His passion for the outdoors, history and science is often reflected in his writing and he constantly reads and rereads books on history, philosophy and religion. His unquenchable thirst for understanding how the world came into existence lends him the necessary toolkit to develop his own worlds within each genre.

A student of Ernest Gary Gygax, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, and Howard Phillips Lovecraft, he acknowledges the one true prerequisite to good high fantasy book writing is a deeper understanding of magic and terrifying creatures. Evil isn't always in the claws, teeth or hideous outward appearances of the beasts in your story, very often the most terrifying creature is the one that hovers on the edge of the known and unknown, deciding your MC's fate from the sharpened tip of their mind.

Experience in RL allows writers to form deeper understandings of charater development and how they might over come challenges in more than just the obvious way. Phillip believes that there are some things that just cannot be taught in writing classes, only by your own mortal experiences or the deep comprehension and analysis of the experiences of others. Once you get a good handle on some of that RL stuff, and can write about it, only then can you make your fiction more realistic and believeable, even when it isn't.

Travelling is another passion of Phillip's, and he insists that if you can travel to the places that you want to be in your books, then those places exist even more vividly within the readers imagination. Its by actually going somewhere and putting your feet on those lands, your hands on the rocks that witnessed the real history, that helps a writer to build credibility with their readership. If you've been there people will see it more easily in your words because the words describe what only the heart has felt! Phillip has travelled many times to
Ireland, Scotland, and England as well as the USA. He has also visited Romania districts such as Timisoara, Resita and Transylvania. Recently he has been in the British Tropical Islands of Turks and Caicos, where he attended "a very memorable" An Evening With Eva Schloss. If you don't travel, you might not get to hear peoples stories. Stories are the important thing to writers.

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