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May 16 2018 Updating website, changes to layout being considered.

April 04 2018 Formatting older manuscripts
Typing up new book from writing notes, assembling some Epub documents and formatting older manuscripts.

March 25 2018
Domain Updates
Updated Sitemap and Google id codes for domain. Also added two twitter blog web pages under blog pulldown menu.

March 23 2018 Manuscript Recieved Confirmation
Production Manager/Editor Confirmed manuscript arrival.

March 14th - 22nd 2018  On Holidays
In British Tropical Islands "soaking up sun and niece and nephew affections"
Attended Eva Schloss Event "
An Evening With Eva Schloss - Beyond the Diary" Got to meet a wonderful lady who survived the holacaust.

March 12 2018  Manuscript
Couriered Manuscript to Publisher in Toronto

March 07 2018 Update Sitemap Files
Update rewrite sitemap. xml and sitemap.docx files for webbots and google bots. Upload new file changes to web host servers.

March 06 2018 Change Music on Site
Compile new music byte tracks to composition, and compress to kb sized file, re-upload to host server.

March 04 2018   Created New Basic Frontpage on Website
Created new home page on website, updated all the boring back drop meta data, and outbound links to descriptions. Loaded new ambience music composition to website.

March 03 2018   Website Updates

Finally got a chance to make some website changes and updates. Needed to get rid of redundancies and extra pages that I just won't use in the near future. Simpler is much better I think when it comes to managing your website! I still like the over all look and feel of the site and I had to adjust some of the graphics to match with the centering of logo and links bar alignment. Surprisingly only took the better part of 2 hours to get things back up and reloaded. Over the next few days I will rewrite the basic page info. In general though I am fairly happy with the look on PC view.  Still have to check IPad and other settings. Also the music hadn't been working very well but when I rewrote the three main pages and did a scrub on the uploaded files then overwrote them, things came back online in that regard!