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Welcome to Phillip Harrison.com!  This is the official website and imagination portal of Phillip Harrison. The goal of every writer whether they realize it or not is to satisfy their customer(s), the reader(s). If the storyline and plot isn't interesting or captivating, if its too fast or too slow,the reader will lose interest and that doesn't benefit anyone! As we the writes of fiction (and writers of other genres) work on our stories, we shoul endeavour to create real feeling embellishments about the "real world" and/or  about our "fantasy world(s)", either way we approach our story, it requires from we writer, a good deal of backdrop as well as research into everything the story requires.

My personal goal(s) each day are to write a few hundred to perhaps a thousand words about anything; to organize and restructure what i feel the story plot requires and do some research as well. Ideally writing heaps of pages about my latest story feels the most satisfying to me. As the letters of the alphabet tumble out in front of me I constantly try to focus on and fashion them into "a something". Something that not only I would enjoy reading, but perhaps "a something" that others might want to read also. Being a fictionwiter means being able to not only create fantastical places and worlds, but it also becomes imperative that we as writers of "such stuff and non-sense" desire to dwell, occupy, conquer and live within our created kingdoms and realms.

If we don't find those places and people compelling to hang around with, why ould anyone ever want to pick up "our book"? It is my most sincere wish that I can create  place for my readers to get lost in for a few minutes or hours at a time. To create a world full of strange interesting reatures that feel so real, my readers will feel that they are a part of the story. Thank you for visiting my website!

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