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April 18 2018     Rewriting manuscript & Editing for Submission
Nose back to the grindstone this week! All of my extra time is being reinvested into my editing and reworking the two manuscripts. Working on Preface and replacing components. One should be ready for submission this week the other will be Ebook POD by May 5th.

March 14 2018   Attended "
An Evening With Eva Schloss" In Turks & Caicos

Eva Schloss was born in Vienna in 1929. The same year my own mother was born in Canada. Eva had a happy childhood until the NAZI's invaded in March 1938. Life for Jews became increasingly difficult and thus began a journey for Eva that would change her life forever. Her family fled to Belgium and then to Holland, where Eva first met Anne Franks Family. She remembers Anne as being mature and grown up, and loved by all. Otto Frank, Anne's father, would end up marrying Eva's mother.

Eventually her family was forced to go into hiding as the persecution of the Jewish Community got even worse. On May 11 1944, Eva and her family were discovered, and after beatings and interrogations, she began the horrific journey that would eventually take her to Auschwitz-Birkenau. There she was greeted by "the monster" Josef Mengele who committed the most evil medical acts upon those who he decided would temporarily live, or die immediately in the gas chambers.

Eva withstood the unimaginable: her head was shaved like all the inmates, she was tatooed with an identification number on her arm, she endured a bout of Typhus which nearly killed her, and the eventual loss of her father and brother. Eva resolved to overcome and survive the war no matter what.  Eva's husband Zvi Schloss, a refugee from Nazi Germany whose father was imprisoned in Dachau, died on 3 July 2016.

It was a great pleasure to meet this wonderful lady and to witness firsthand her incredible story. A special thank you to Rabbi Scholom Bluming and The Provo Jewish Community, for organizing this amazing event and opportunity!